06  /   28   /   2018

Jack Cannon:

Lighting Designer

Lighting Technician

When you look at the above photo of this scene, you’ll be able to tell that there is front lighting on 'Mimi', in blue, yet none of the blue lighting bleeds into any of the actors in the back who are in red. How was this done? In short: We created a custom made 118 cell lighting fixture that utilized artificial intelligence to track human movement and then adjusted cells as well as pan/tilt according to that movement. 


This design was presented at the International Thespian Festival where it received a Superior Individual Event score for Lighting Design. The lighting fixture created for this production is also on display at the Design Museum of Chicago until January of 2020. The fixture was chosen by the museum for showcasing “Excellence in Theatre.”

The lighting design received multiple reviews from industry professionals:


"The usage of LEDs to enhance the emotion of each scene was absolutely spectacular."


"I have never seen a company do something like that for Rent, and it was completely brilliant. All in, the lighting design for this show was spectacular."