A film by Macy Mae Cowart

Executive Producers: Jack Cannon. Cann Light Productions.

Producers: Macy Mae Cowart. Jack Cannon. Cann Light Productions.

Directed by: Macy Mae Cowart.

Animation by: Jonah Linz. Drew Shapiro. Eva Liebovitz. Sadeen Owis.

Music by: Anant Shah. James Fall. Paula, Tha Balla.

Edited by: Macy Mae Cowart

Choreography by: Madi Garfinkel


Special Thanks To- Keiolani Mahinan-Brockenbrough. Chris Lyric. Jeffrey Gibson. Savannah Rivers. Jack Cannon. Murph Elyria. Laura Kudoo. Amanda Carter. Maitlyn Pezzo. Roger Sims Jr.

This film was produced for Young Activist Artist, a non-profit group focused on creating work that brings attention to societal issues all around the world.


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